Our Story

Our Story

Cape Quality Seafood’s success story is simple: family, friends, and fresh seafood.

More than 20 years ago, good friends Mark Bergeron and Sonny Stanley came up with an idea that changed seafood dining on the SouthCoast. They opened their own restaurant and market in Dartmouth, and filled them with the fresh catches from their own boats.

Mark and Sonny pioneered a distinctive sea-to-table dining and boat-to-market retail experience. With years of waterfront experience between them, the friends realized they had just the right ingredients for direct seafood sourcing—a trusted friendship, hard-working fishing boats, and a dockside plant for unloading the freshest seafood on the waterfront.

Cape Quality Seafood Restaurant and Market opened its doors in 1997, and is supplied daily by Bergie’s Seafood, Mark and Sonny’s plant in the neighboring port of historic New Bedford.

Run by Mark’s daughter and son-in-law, husband-and-wife team Joyelle and Josh Benevides, the restaurant and market proudly carry on the family tradition of serving and selling only the best and freshest seafood.

Cape Quality Seafood is the SouthCoast’s only combined full-dining restaurant and retail market with its own fleet of local boats, offering traceability from the fishing grounds to your plate. We own the fishing dragger Seven Seas and two scallopers, the Sovereign Star and the Kathy and Jackie (named for Marc and Sonny’s wives). We know where your seafood comes from and how it was handled because we caught it. You can’t get any fresher than that.

Our fishing boats harvest the ocean’s bounty and unload their catches directly at the harbor side docks at Bergie’s Seafood. The plant is also the preferred offloading facility for other top quality fishing boats from all over New England, providing us with an incredible variety of seafood from the richest and most sustainable fishing grounds in the North Atlantic.

Cape Quality Seafood chefs and market managers get first choice of the daily catch. Using modern culinary inspiration as well as family recipes passed down the generations, the kitchen conjures up traditional dishes and new creative favorites.

You can enjoy a home-cooked meal in our comfortable, friendly restaurant, order takeout to savor at home, or select some seafood to prepare in your own kitchen. You can be sure it’s all fresh and it’s all good.

Family. Friends. Fresh. Cape Quality Seafood.

We are conveniently located at 657 Dartmouth Street, South Dartmouth, MA.

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