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Retail Market

Cape Quality Seafood Market in Dartmouth opened in 1997 when good friends Mark Bergeron and Sonny Stanley decided to leverage their own processing plant and fishing fleet at Bergie’s Seafood in New Bedford, bringing the public a true sea-to-retail experience. Here, you will get the freshest seafood short of fishing it yourself.

Offering the daily catch from our own boats as well as wild caught from other direct sources, our retail market showcases the widest variety of seafood products, including some of the largest lobsters to be found in the region. Our lobsters weigh in at a remarkable six to eight pounds. We feature cod from Georges Bank, yellowtail flounder from the Gulf of Maine, cold water clams from Maine, calamari from Rhode Island and salmon flown fresh from Norway.

Sticking with tradition, we’re still a family-run business. Mark’s son-in-law Josh Benevides oversees Cape Quality Seafood Market, while his wife Joyelle runs the attached restaurant.

The market gets top-of-the-trip choice from Bergie’s Seafood’s own fishing fleet: a fishing dragger Seven Seas and two scallopers, the Sovereign Star and the Kathy and Jackie (named for Marc and Sonny’s wives). Cape Quality Seafood Market also supplies restaurants and grocery seafood markets all over New England.

In addition to fresh seafood, market customers can also purchase some of our specialty items such as our award-winning stuffed quahogs.

The market is open seven days a week.

We are conveniently located at 657 Dartmouth Street, South Dartmouth, MA.

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657 Dartmouth Street, South Dartmouth, MA

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