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Good friends Mark Bergeron and Sonny Stanley opened Bergie’s Seafood in 1984, where they established a tradition of offering the highest quality North Atlantic wholesale seafood. The company’s premier harbor side docks offload bountiful harvests from their own small fleet as well as from other leading boats fishing out of New Bedford, the nation’s top fishing port.

Our fleet consists of a fishing dragger Seven Seas and two scallopers, Soveriegn Star and the Kathy and Jackie (named for Marc and Sonny’s wives). We fish some of the richest, cleanest and most sustainable fishing grounds in the North Atlantic and can trace your fish straight from the decks, to our docks, to our doors at our family-run Cape Quality Seafood Restaurant and Market in Dartmouth.

Bergie’s Seafood is the entryway for seafood catches from New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut and Rhode Island, making it a hub for the widest assortment of the freshest seafood. This allows Cape Quality Seafood the top-of-the-trip choice for its restaurant and the choicest seafood for its market, which not only sells to the public but also supplies grocery stores and restaurants throughout the region. It’s no surprise that top chefs and seafood managers throughout the country rely on our high-quality seafood.

Bergie’s Seafood’s modern facilities for offloading, processing, and packaging provide the cleanest, freshest seafood to our customers domestically and internationally. We take quality and freshness seriously.

Bergie’s Seafood is open 24 hours a day, 364 days a year.

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